Playing Strong Hands – Portfolio Additions

Overview: After a couple days of the market consolidating and some coins continuing to move higher, I have received many...
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Litecoin – Breakout or Fake-out – Just Don’t Get Taken Out!

After failing to breakout of the range a little over a week ago, Litecoin is once again trying to breakout...
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Crypto Portfolio Management – Looking to Add

Overview: If there was a commercial for cryptos it would be called “boring in a can”.  It is like someone...
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Litecoin – The Contrarian Trade

Overiew: One of the coins that appears to be a contrarian trade is Litecoin.  Because of the price level, the...
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Cryptos – Light at The End of The Tunnel?

Overview: After two weeks of looking hell bound for zero, the market is starting to show signs of a potential...
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Litecoin & NEO – Goal Line Stance

After an 80% rally from the May low, Neo is pulling back and is testing a major support zone.  This...
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