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Free Bitcoin: Where Do Your Trade Ideas Come From?

Bitcoin update: It appears that the combination of the Goldman Sachs news and a “mysterious” whale moving 10K BTC has...
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Free Bitcoin: Jumping Into The “Poolback”?

Bitcoin Update: Price is holding above the bullish trend line but appears to be losing momentum. The candle wick off...
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Free Bitcoin: Resisting The Runaway Market.

Bitcoin Update: Price makes a higher high off of a shallow higher low formation. This move is significant across the...
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Free Litecoin: Cheap Can Get Cheaper.

LTCUSD update: As Bitcoin continues to stabilize, alts like Litecoin are showing signs of consolidation and possible reversal. Is Litecoin a...
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Free Bitcoin: Trade Probability, Not Anxiety.

BTCUSD update: Indecisive price action has everyone on edge. As this market attempts to squeeze higher, bears pile into the...
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Free Bitcoin: Preparing For The Next Run.

BTCUSD update: The retrace has continued slightly lower but is now showing early signs of reversal. We have been monitoring...
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ETHUSD: Prime Location. Setup Is Key.

ETHUSD update: There has been no reason to be long, even though there has been some bullish but erratic price...
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