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Bitcoin: No One Left To Buy?

Since building a broader bullish structure, this market is now consolidating. This type of price action is often a welcome...
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Bitcoin: Building A Floor Or Hammered More?

Bitcoin update: Ugliness continues, even after a thousand point retrace off the 3450 area low. Often when there is a...
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Bitcoin Sell Off Again. Buy?

BTCUSD update: Dramatic sell off unfolds and offers a rare buying opportunity for long term inventory. Now that price is...
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Bitcoin: Planning For New Hurdles & Possibilities.

Bitcoin update: The recent progress toward higher prices is certainly a positive sign, but this market still has some obstacles...
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Bitcoin: Breakout To 7K? Alt Coins Offer Clues.

Bitcoin update: While this market is trying to build a bullish structure on the small degree, there seems to be...
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Bitcoin: How Can Chess Improve Your Investing Game?

Bitcoin update: After another “dramatic” sell off from the 6400 area, price seems to have stabilized around the 6200 area....
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Bitcoin: Are You A Market Chameleon?

Bitcoin update: How much longer do we have to wait? Is there such a thing as too long? The purpose...
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Bitcoin: Waiting It Out Like A Pro?

Bitcoin update: This market has been going no where since the dramatic price spike 8 days ago. What can we...
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Bitcoin: Range Expansion Signals Coming Change?

Bitcoin update: No follow through either way since the recent range expansion. This is a perfect example of why it...
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