Bitcoin S&P & Gold Push New Highs – Now Everyone’s a Bull

Overview: It only seems like a few months ago the oracles of crypto were calling for a retest of the...
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Bitcoin, Ethereum Update & Analysis.

Bitcoin and the alts have been poised to push lower and the next leg may be in progress. If this...
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Tariffs – Wedges – Markets in Mayhem Do Not Over React

Trump implements tariffs on Mexico putting additional selling pressure on the stock market. The crypto market pulled back after what...
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Portfolio Management – Cryptos

We are going to trim out half the recent capital we added last Sunday locking in some profits, but allowing...
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Cryptos Look to Breakout – Stocks Set to Rebound

This is an update of several trades and positions we currently have, along with some options set to expire today. ...
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Cryptos Consolidate Stock Struggle

The crypto market is attempting to breakout for a final leg higher in the short term as the stock market...
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Think Long term – Stock and Crypto Portfolios

Overview: The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into our cryptos and stocks for our premium members.  ...
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Portfolio Management – Going With the Big 4

Last week we trimmed out some of our speculative coins, and the reason for this is two folds.  First we...
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Crypto Portfolio – Alt Market Picking Up Steam

As the market picks up momentum and is in a clear recovery stage, we are looking to further position for...
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