Weekly Review: BTC XAU IWM CAD Plus More (Video).

Now that Chairman Powell’s testimony is out of the way, (clearly a nonevent), the China Trade negotiations, what ever is...
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Bitcoin: Stock To Flow Says What Price?

Every 4 years the Bitcoin mining reward is reduced by half, and according to the stock to flow model which...
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Bitcoin Trade Idea (2% Risk)

Expert Swing Trades This is an Expert Swing Trades correspondence that contains a new trade idea, an adjustment to a...
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Bitcoin: Sluggish Is The New Bullish?

Bitcoin is sluggish: it goes and then it stops, stimulates a ton of bearish sentiment, lures shorts, then it goes...
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Bitcoin Bear: Back To 7900 New Trend Or More Noise?

Just a few days earlier, Bitcoin squeezed to 8600 and here we are back between 7900 and 8K. What is...
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Bitcoin: Short Squeeze Begins Next Leg Higher?

Two weeks ago we shared a swing trade long signal that triggered at 8425. We sat through the noise, and...
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Bitcoin, Aussie Dollar Update & Analysis.

Since the Bitcoin sell signal appeared earlier in the week, price has been gyrating lower, but not in a dramatic...
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Bitcoin: Setting Up For Lower Prices?

The dramatic break and close below the 9K range support is a sign of progress compared to the previous 3...
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Bitcoin, Twilio Update & Analysis.

Although the Bitcoin sell off appears to be dramatic, and does provide a reason to adjust our short term outlook...
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