SC Team

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Marc Principato

Marc Principato is the former Director of Futures and Forex Trading at SMB Capital which is known for world class trader education. He also held the CMT designation from the Market Technicians Association which he attained in 2011. He is a previous series 3,7 and 63 license holder and has trained hundreds of students online and in person. Marc began his career in 1999 trading Nasdaq stocks during the height of the Dot.Com Era.

Andrew Gonci

Professional investor, entrepreneur and engineer with over 20 years of experience in the metals and equities markets. Entrepreneurial pursuits include dealing in physical metals to restaurateur. Andrew’s tenacious fundamental research and technical prowess brings to light the longer term investment potential of a market, whether it be a stock, commodity, or emerging digital asset. He is a regular top author on, a well known active investor community, and makes regular appearances on the Henry Raines radio show in Tampa, Fl. Andrew also holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering from the University Of Southern Florida with an emphasis on Engineering, Physics and Mathematics.

Steven Lubka

Steven Lubka is a private consultant and project designer that works with companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.  The scope of his work is broad having designed blockchain networks for tech companies, served as an investment advisor for Venture Capital firms targeting blockchain, managed ongoing blockchain projects, and written extensively about the sector.  He believes that blockchain is installing the infrastructure that will enable truly autonomous digital assets and protocols and that this is a fundamental building block for the next several decades of technology.

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