Bitcoin, Gold Analysis & Update.

Now you know why we do not short Bitcoin. A surprise short squeeze takes out some major resistance levels and...
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Santa Loves Stocks – Cryptos Not So Much

Overview: The G20 meeting outcome was a definite spark for the stock market, not just the US but globally.  This...
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Monero – Back on The Radar

Overview: Monero like Ethereum and Litecoin have been in the penalty box for poor performances.  Though our S.C. Core Portfolio...
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Expert Swing BTCUSD: Trade Update And Analysis.

Expert Swing Trades This analysis is to provide some background, reasoning and awareness for an upcoming or current swing trade...
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Facebook – Trade Update

Close  10Aug 167.5 Put Position @ 1.36 Profit 1.27 per Contract Reason For Close Apple Earnings Facebook had a lack...
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FRESCO – A Fresh Look at Token Distribution

This is the first of a series of Elastos DApp Reviews. In my hunt for interesting blockchain use cases, substantive...
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The S&P – Bullish But First a Throwback

Overview: We mentioned in our April 25th article that the market was simply being irrational.   Company after company, the good,...
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Bitcoin and Dash Trade Follow Up

Trade Follow up: Bitcoin The 9340 level has been a level of focus since the end of April.  There have...
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Ripple – Chart & Outlook

  Technical:  Long Term Weekly Chart     Ripple pulled back  to the Major support level of 0.50 cents in...
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