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BAT – Removing Risk When You Can

Overview: The following is an update to our BAT position which is pushing an interim high.  Our strategy with our...
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Position Trade Ideas – Building Some Inventory

Overview: The following is a potential position trade setup, which parallels the swing trade sent out.  I would pick only...
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Looking for Entry Points

Overview: The following are entry points we are looking at across the stock and crypto markets.  There are numerous stocks...
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GB Portfolio – Looking for Alpha? How about Theta

Overview: As the market is turning, we are looking for some coins that have lagged the market but still offer...
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Bitcoin and Litecoin Position Update

Overview: I Have had numerous emails on whether this is a place to lock in some profits or hold out...
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BAT – Time to Lock in Some Profits

Overview: This is an update on our BAT position trade.  Back in January we bought two positions one being at...
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We Gave Them a Chance – Position Trade Adjustments

Overview: We are taking some profits off the table here as we have given Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum more than...
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