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Stock & Crytpo Market Update and the NFP

Overview: I’m not sure the numbers really matter here.  Regardless if it is 150k or 250k the market will move...
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Cardano – A Craps Shoot?

Overview: ADA Cardano is a coin that was listed as a candidate for Coinbase.  Unfortunately the price continues to move...
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Bitcoin – Fibonacci Retracements & Usage

Overview: The purpose of this article is to provide some insight as to how I personally use Fibonacci levels to...
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Cannabis & Stock Positioning Update

Overview: Today is the perfect example of how hard it is to time a bottom.  Just two days ago it...
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Cryptos – Light at The End of The Tunnel?

Overview: After two weeks of looking hell bound for zero, the market is starting to show signs of a potential...
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XRP – Picking the Best In Show

Overview: Of the numerous comments we received on our recent survey a few stood out and one of these was,...
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Position Trades – Update to Start the Week

Overview: The purpose of this article is to provide an update into current and potential position trades for the crypto,...
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BCH –  The Drama Continues & No Reversal In Sight

Overview: Like a bad mid day soap opera, the drama continues around Ver and Wright.  Now that the fork chasers...
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BAT & XLM – Looking for a Re-Entry Point

Overview: BAT pushed through our target and is now pulling back.  This rally allowed us to take some risk off...
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