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Playing Strong Hands – Portfolio Additions

Overview: After a couple days of the market consolidating and some coins continuing to move higher, I have received many...
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S&P Rallies After Fed – Bitcoin Still Looking for Footing

Overview: The FOMC meeting yesterday gave a boost to stocks as the FED took a very dovish tone.  This was...
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Crypto Portfolio Management – Looking to Add

Overview: If there was a commercial for cryptos it would be called “boring in a can”.  It is like someone...
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Bitcoin & Litecoin – Position Trade Strategy

There is a reason they say the “trend is your friend”.  It is very easy to trade a trend, and...
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Ethereum – The Conundrum

Overview: As markets recover the question on everyone’s mind is “Where and When do I add”.   There is never any...
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Crypto & Stock Markets Update

Overview: The stock market appears to be in recovery mode, as the crypto space is showing signs of strength.  Both...
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Ethereum & Monero – “This Time its Different”

Overview: This is a follow up to our previous article where we are looking to add inventory to our longer...
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NEO & OMG – Portfolio Strategy – Do You Have One?

Overview: Both OmiseGo and Neo were two coins we closed out back in October.  They were both under performing the...
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Bitcoin and the S&P – Market Update

Overview: Bitcoin made a strong move to the upside taking out the previous consolidation area, and if the candle closes...
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