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Wrapping up the Week

Overview: Update on our current Aggressive Options strategy. We had two options contracts set for expiration today, Qualcomm 67 PUT ...
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S&P Looks to Rally as Cryptos Lag

Overview: Yesterday could have been a Black Swan event and Monday’s are notorious for market meltdowns.  Yet the end of...
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Stock & Crytpo Market Update and the NFP

Overview: I’m not sure the numbers really matter here.  Regardless if it is 150k or 250k the market will move...
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NVDA – Options Trade Update

Current Trade:  Short 150 DEC21 PUT @ $5.00 Current Price:  3.15-3.20 Update:  Buy To Close 150 DEC21 PUT @ $3.00-3.50...
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Cannabis & Stock Positioning Update

Overview: Today is the perfect example of how hard it is to time a bottom.  Just two days ago it...
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AMD – Trade Update and Reasoning

Overview: AMD broke out along with market in general, but we must remain cautious here, as markets do not recover...
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