Analysis And Perspective

Bitcoin Bear: Back To 7900 New Trend Or More Noise?

Just a few days earlier, Bitcoin squeezed to 8600 and here we are back between 7900 and 8K. What is...
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Bitcoin: Short Squeeze Begins Next Leg Higher?

Two weeks ago we shared a swing trade long signal that triggered at 8425. We sat through the noise, and...
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Bitcoin: Setting Up For Lower Prices?

The dramatic break and close below the 9K range support is a sign of progress compared to the previous 3...
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Bitcoin: Buyers Likely To Step In At What Price?

Bitcoin 10K has been compromised after a recent spike to the 10,300 area, but the real level which has proven...
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Bitcoin, USD/CHF Update & Analysis.

Bitcoin has broken below the 10K support which has stopped out our recent swing trade. While price is testing the...
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Bitcoin Range: Avoid This Common Trading Mistake.

Bitcoin continues to range between 10K and 10,400. That’s a tight range for such a wild and emotional market and...
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Bitcoin: Middle Of The Road Action Will Erode Your Account Unless You Do This?

Bitcoin continues to confuse, especially those reactive types who obsess over smaller time frames. Either way, if you do not...
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Why Alt Coins No Longer Justify Trades.

When it comes to our swing trade strategy, it has been Bitcoin for months, along with some forex and CFD...
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Bitcoin Lingering Range Support Hints Toward Higher Prices?

Bitcoin continues to fluctuate around the major support region of 10K. This is good news for those who are long,...
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