Andrew Gonci

Euro Trade Update

This is an update to the current Euro Trade where we may look to exit early.
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Bitcoin – Waiting for Strong Hands & The Gambler’s Mentality

Overview: Bitcoin briefly sold off yesterday, but since has taken back the loss retesting the 3800 level where it has...
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Bitcoin Manipulation – Was There an Ulterior Motive Behind a Potential Raid?

We heard over and over in the past day, about market manipulation.  Though we do not disagree with the scenario,...
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Bitcoin – Panic Button Selloff or Noise – Are you in Reaction Mode?

Overview: Not sure how, why or what caused the sudden rug being pulled out from beneath Bitcoin today, but though...
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Bitcoin – Time to Ride the Bull?

We have mentioned since the initial dip in 2018 that it is never clear if the initial bullish swing is...
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Talking Markets – Market Review

  Overview: This is an overview for our Talking Markets Show tomorrow where we discuss the overall markets as well...
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SC Weekly – FOMC & ECB Meetings on Deck

  Overview: The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into potential upcoming trades and portfolio management across...
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Are You an Emotional Trader – The Answer is Likely YES

There is no shortage of articles on the internet about allowing your emotions to influence your trades.   A quick Google...
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Don’t Be Captain Obvious – What We Can Learn From the Oil Chart

We talk about structure all the time, and like a magician the market can often provide a slight of hand. ...
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