Andrew Gonci

Bitcoin – Position Update

This is to inform our subscribers that we have opted to close out our position we added at $5100 at...
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Hexo – Synthetic Long Option Strategy

Option Idea involving Hexo Corp. Nice bullish trend and we are looking to go long using options, or buying the...
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MPC – Synthetic Long Option Strategy

Option Idea involving Marathon Petroleum which has simply taken a beating over the trade talks and earnings.   It is still...
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Bitcoin – Trim Back Or Hold – There is No Wrong Answer

Received several emails this morning on if this is now the time to trim or lock in profits as Bitcoin...
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MPC – Buy The Dip?

Overview: MPC reported this morning, beat on revenue but came short on earnings.
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Cronos & Teva Trade Ideas

Options Trade Idea: These are aggressive trades in this environment.  If you feel uncomfortable with the environment no need to...
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Bitcoin – Don’t Guess Simply Stick With The Trend

Regardless of the numerous indicators and oscillators out there, with experience and time all good traders resort to a simple...
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Bitcoin – No Reason To Sell – Looking to Add

Overview: Even as bitcoin continues to move higher in a steady but stable move, many are still calling for locking...
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Stocks Attempt to Recover – Bitcoin Pushes Psychological Level

Overview: Whenever we get a news event that moves markets, we simply step aside and let the dust settle.  Though...
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