Andrew Gonci

Crypto Portfolio Adjustments – Making it Lean

The initial leg of a Bull Market often separates the potential winners from losers.  We are adjusting our portfolio for...
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QQQ Update – Close Position

The market is setting up to swing higher so we are opting to close our current QQQ Options Trade.
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Kohls – Perspective & Analysis

We recently initiated a position in Kohls and the following are the fundamentals and technicals behind the addition.  Kohls is...
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Shopping For Deals – Kohls

With the market pulling back we are looking to add some dividend payers with potential growth.  As I mentioned in...
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SC Weekly – Cryptos Consolidate & Stocks Ahead of Earnings

Overview: The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into potential upcoming trades and portfolio management across several...
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Bitcoin – Consolidation Continues – Managing Risk in Different Environments

Overview: Bitcoin continues to consolidate and we are looking for the market to range for a couple weeks to a...
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QQQ – Option Update – Rolling It Out

The Q’s are showing an initial bearish candle, but it may take a week or so to unfold as a...
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Crypto Portfolio Update

Bitcoin appears to be moving higher, but we are most likely entering a consolidation period.  This is where we take...
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USDCAD – Close Out Position

he trade is not acting the way it should here, and because of this we are going to close the...
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