Andrew Gonci

S&P – Yesterday’s Swing and What Next

Overview: The market swing of 1000 pts yesterday and 120 pts on the Dow and S&P respectively there is some...
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Bitcoin – Waiting at The Bus Stop

Overview: The bullish move in cryptos the past week may be the initial sign of a bottom.  As we mentioned...
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Ethereum – Portfolio Strategy Moving Forward

Overview: As Bitcoin goes so goes the market, however Ethereum has outperformed greatly to the downside.  This was one of...
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Bitcoin – Has the Train Left the Station

Overview: After nearly a month of record low market sentiment and analysts calls for 2000 and a capitulation into the...
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Bitcoin – Showing Signs of Exhaustion

Overview: The Bitcoin rally is a great initial move out of an extreme low, however, we should caution that recoveries...
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Cronos – Potential Swing Trade Setup?

Overview: The cannabis market has been pretty dismal, but today’s partnership with Tilray and Novartis sparked a little bit of...
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XMR – Trade Update

Expert Swing Trades This is an Expert Swing Trades correspondence that contains a new trade idea, an adjustment to a...
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