Andrew Gonci

Gold – Eyes on $1300

Overview: As political uncertainty continues to spread like bears in the crypto market, Gold is becoming the beneficiary of the...
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Bitcoin – Smooth Operator or Snake Oil

Overview: Cryptos are showing little signs of recovery.  We have been mentioning for months that it was likely large operators...
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S&P Looks to Rally as Cryptos Lag

Overview: Yesterday could have been a Black Swan event and Monday’s are notorious for market meltdowns.  Yet the end of...
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Cannabis Fundamentals – Follow Up to Podcast

Overview: This is a follow up to our Cannabis Podcast on December 8th 2018 which you can listen to on...
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Bitcoin – Confuse and Influence the Market

Overview: We are looking for a specific formation in this area for a potential trade setup.  The close Friday was...
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Stock & Crytpo Market Update and the NFP

Overview: I’m not sure the numbers really matter here.  Regardless if it is 150k or 250k the market will move...
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NBEV – ATVI – Aggressive Options Strategy

Overview: Our order for AMD filled this morning.  We have options order for the following stocks.
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Cryptos – The Quickening – Risk Management and the Herd Mentality

Overview: The crypto market is likely going through the final phases of a bear market. Similar to the dotcom bubble,...
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