Andrew Gonci

OmiseGo – Back to The Repair Shop

Like a car that keeps breaking down, this market is no different.  Two days ago we were looking for a...
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Litecoin & NEO – Goal Line Stance

After an 80% rally from the May low, Neo is pulling back and is testing a major support zone.  This...
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Bitcoin Pullback – Let The Cards Play Out

After a couple weeks of bitcoin slowly grinding to the upside, bitcoin failed to hold the bullish trend line and...
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Monero – Split Between Levels

Some may have noticed that Monero was replaced in our core portfolio recently with Elastos.  This was a difficult decision...
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Gold – It’s Simply The Economy

With all the talk about trade wars, economic slowdown in Europe and China, the flattening of the bond curve, you...
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Bitcoin  – Pullback Will Be Telling of Market Sentiment

After a bullish swing off a new low,  bitcoin is hesitating within the initial target zone between 6542 and 6748. ...
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NEO – Recovery Formation?

After a few weeks where numerous coins were testing their extreme lows, the market appears to have found its bottom...
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Litecoin – Digging Itself Out of a Deep Hole

We often talk in terms of support and resistance levels and their overall importance.  Over the past few months we...
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Bitcoin – Throwing In the Towel

Overview: A long time friend of mine texted me yesterday morning and asked me if I could help him sell...
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