Andrew Gonci

Premium Bitcoin Follow Up : The Flow of Money

Overview: We speak often about the flow of money and that news is irrelevant in trading as money flow is...
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Bitcoin – Time Frames – Structures & Playing Strong Hands

Overview: Another day and Bitcoin has many traders on an emotional roller coaster.  As retail investors we do not have...
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Premium: Bitcoin – Drama Unfolds as Bitcoin Futures Expire on the CBOE

Overview: The past two days created excitement in the market as Bitcoin dipped to 5860 before rallying to 6645 the...
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Bitcoin – Shorts In Uncomfortable Shoes – Key Levels 6550-5850

Overview: Short traders continue to pile on to a crowded trade at an important support level.  Even though they continue...
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Premium: Bitcoin –  Failed Breakout – Do Not Fight the Tide

Overview: Bitcoin is testing key technical levels, short traders continue to pile into a crowded trade, and in the interim...
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DAX –  Keeping Your Charts Simple

Overview: Since the recession of 2009 world markets have recovered providing us with a near 10 year bull market.  All...
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The Sunday Bitcoin – Friday Selloff – Coinbase Fails Again & OTC Trading

Overview: The structure of price action here is showing signs of a bottom.  The 6000 level is a key psychological...
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Premium: Industry Trends – Changes to the S.C. Core Portfolio

Overview: The hammering continues in the crypto space.  This is reminiscence NASDAQ 20 years ago which pulled back 80%+ off...
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