Andrew Gonci

SC Weekly Outlook – Crypto Forex Stocks and Metals

Overview: The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into potential upcoming trades across several markets. This week...
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The S&P – Market Reset Time to Jump in?

Overview: After a wild week for the stock market it appears in the pre-market we are seeing signs of a...
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Bitcoin – Do You Have Shaky Hands?

Overview: Nothing like a HUGE 5% pullback to caused a frenzy panic into the market.  Since we missed the opportunity...
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Bitcoin Drama – Put The Selloff Into Perspective

Overview: As mentioned this yesterday in Marc’s article, we had noticed some preliminary warning signs that the market was looking...
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The Market is Being a Real Jerk!

Overview: After 12 days of jerking around Bitcoin is like that date in college where one moment your date is...
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S&P – Have we Bottomed Yet?

Overview: After markets pullback we can look to position in stocks that simply sold off due to the overall market. ...
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