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2 Responses
  1. Adritrading

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for the great update as always.

    However, having started trading from the Crypto world back in 2017 and being French, I am not familiar with the US economy at all and stock, etc. So I am a bit lost when you talk about Fed, bonds, earnings, mid term, buy put, sell calls, etc 😉 !

    What book would you recommend me to purchase to learn about the basis for trading US stocks and US indexes, etc ?

    Or maybe you could make a page to briefly explain the basis ?

    I recall that someday you explained the puts/calls thing, but I cannot remember where I found it.

    Also, something that would be really nice to have, is that when we click on a trading view picture, it would zoom in fullscreen, and when we click again, it would unzoom, so that we don’t have to open the picture in a new tab. Just like when opening a picture in Telegram, if you use it. That would be nice.

    I know you are making a new website and I hope that this feature will be integrated.

    Thanks a lot,


    1. Andrew Gonci

      Hey Adri, I emailed you a link. Keep in mind a chart is a chart, there is no difference in equities.
      In the end we are looking for order flow be it Bitcoin, Stocks, Oil or Gold. The fundamentals are
      a little different, but this only dictates what stocks we want to own, in the end we position based
      on the chart.


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