July 9, 2019

Bitcoin – Position Trade Update

Bitcoin continues to push higher into an area prone to faking out longs.  We are going to opt to take...
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Bitcoin: 13K Range Resistance Fake Out Zone?

Our Bitcoin swing trade signal appeared almost a week ago and reached it’s first target yesterday. It also came within...
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Crypto Portfolio Adjustments – Making it Lean

The initial leg of a Bull Market often separates the potential winners from losers.  We are adjusting our portfolio for...
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Webinar Sunday September 15th @ 3 PM EDT.

Registration is now open for our next educational webinar. On Sunday September 15th, at 3 PM EDT, we will be...
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QQQ Update – Close Position

The market is setting up to swing higher so we are opting to close our current QQQ Options Trade.
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Kohls – Perspective & Analysis

We recently initiated a position in Kohls and the following are the fundamentals and technicals behind the addition.  Kohls is...
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