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Whether stocks, Forex or crypto currencies, often many new traders have unrealistic expectations that swing and day-trading is easy money.  Since we have a lot of new signups we want to go over expectations for swing trading .  The most important aspect of swing trading is not large wins, its staying away from large losses.  They do happen as we saw with our Teva trade.  There was no way to anticipate a news event like a 44 state lawsuit against.

Swing Trading:

Swing trading is all about capital preservation, not making big wins.  If you do not have this mentality, it will be a long, hard and expensive education.  The challenge is controlling greed.  In 2017 you simply threw your money at anything, held, and the market moved higher whether stocks or cryptos.  This gives the false impression that swing trading is easy. However in 2018 this has changed.

Many that made huge gains in 2017 gave it back and more in 2018.  A trading account that made 200% in 2017, trading as aggressively in 2018 easily lost 50-80% of their trading capital.  We know this because many of our current members left other trading sites after taking huge losses.  Seeing 5k go to 10k in a year is exciting, but seeing this erode back to 3-5k or less not so much.  This leaves you trading a favorable environment out of a hole, often times a deep one.

With swing trading it is all about being extremely conservative when the environment is not conducive to trading, and aggressive when it is.  The challenge is knowing the difference. This is where we apply Elliott Wave Principles to our strategy.

Position Trading (short term investing):

This is a much easier strategy, your position sizes are smaller than a swing trade allowing you to take more pain in the short term.  It also allows you to catch broader moves.  This is why we do not have stop losses or targets.  With swing trading it is all in all out.

Position trading, you add a little here, a little there and when the move finally happens you are positioned.   Position trading is also more applicable to unfavorable environments where swing trading is difficult.  You are not as prone to volatility with position trading, where with swing trading you are very prone which is why it is best done in trending markets.

We can say with greater certainty now that we are entering a broader term trending market.  This will make Swing Trading easier, but only if you have trading capital to take advantage of it.  Currently since April of 2018, we are up a little over 10% in our swing trading account.

Not bad as for 9 months we were in a bear market and we do not short this market.   Regardless we have our capital to take advantage of what appears to be a bullish trending market, and that was something we emphasized for nearly a year.

Now that we had a descent pullback we can get an idea of where we are in the bullish cycle.


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