The following are entry points we are looking at across the stock and crypto markets.  There are numerous stocks and cryptos we are looking at, some as trades others as longer term.  As always we will post when and where we enter.  One key is to not overload up on a lot of different coins initially. 


The 4500-4700 area is an area I will look to start adding.  I will be adding both a longer term position and also a swing trade.  I am going to place an order around 4300 for a small $1200 position to see if I can catch a spike down.

Many alts will likely outperform Bitcoin in the next rally, but long term I still like Bitcoin and Litecoin the best.


The 55.0 to 65.0 is the area to look at adding, and I am going to place an order for $600 at $45.0 to try and catch a quick selloff.  Both the 4300 for Bitcoin and the 45.0 level for Litecoin are areas I just do not mind owning out of.  Both of these are for the broader move.


I am not adding Ethereum here, though the chart is improving.  The 130 area would be a level of interest if it pulled back that far.  If I was adding I would be looking for under 150.  I am just not liking Ethereum, though it does tend to be a late mover.


EOS is going to be a shorter term position trade if I take it.  Under the 4.0 area, maybe 100 coins, with a target of 8.00 to 10.00, sell 25% there reducing exposure.  Very possible to get back to 20.0.

Will look for it to find support in the buy zone I am not just placing orders here.  Does not get there, there are many more coins that have potential.


NEO is on our radar for a swing trade.  The 10.0-11.0 area is an area to add and look for a bullish reversal.  This is one that has the potential for some nice trades.  Just really liking the chart here.  I am deciding between NEO and Elastos as to which coin I am looking at for the longer term, and currently I still favor Elastos, due to merge mining.  They also partner with NEO and Bitmain. 

This is more of a trading coin here, and I can always leave the profits or a portion there of in coins for a broader move.


Of all the smart contract coins, Elastos is still my personal favorite.  It can be merge mined with Bitcoin which in my opinion provides extra value as miners can mine it concurrently with Bitcoin using no additional resources.  This also helps protect the chain.

My personal opinion is this is one I want to be overweight in and will be looking to add under 3.50.  I may add a position trade here as well.


Still a fan of DASH.  Just like the fundamentals behind the coin and team.  Would consider adding at the 110.0 area for the longer term, and this chart looks very strong from a structural standpoint.  Very clear structure and it is not clear whether the fractal cycle is complete. 

Dash can still make a swing to 160.0 before pulling back.  We want to trade and position in the wave 4 of the mid term cycle.  So either we pop to 160.0 and we buy the pullback or we buy the pullback at 110.0.  Let the market determine the direction, we have a plan either way.

Just really like this chart!


Evolent Health Inc (EVH)

This was one Dave came up with, so I have to give him credit for finding this.  After some research this weekend I really like the company, but regardless this is a risky position, and I am looking at a broader move. 

Nothing is screaming reversal here, but this is pretty much, buy the dip or the lower end of the range, and wait for a swing higher. Could take 6-8-12 months, but the reward is nice.

Currently I sold the 12.50 AUG 18th PUTs for 55 cents each.  If they are assigned I will keep them for a broader move, if not I will look to roll it out and up a strike. 

SHORT 18thAUG 12.50 PUT   Downside risk is 1250 per contract and that is assuming it goes to zero.  But do understand the risk is no different than owning the stock.

If you are buying the stock, this would be an area to start building a position.  Keep in mind this is not a push all in, because IF the S&P pulls back EVH will pull back as well.  Possible to pull back to the 9-10 area.


Nice bullish breakout and will be looking to sell the 18thAPR 61.5 PUT for $1.00.  From the delta, we would need a $2.00 pullback in the stock here to fill.  I do not mind buying laggards like Healthcare and Energy here, but I want the market to work to fill me. 

What happens often is the initial selloff of the S&P takes down most the ships in the harbor, and larger funds are waiting to buy undervalued stocks.  We are looking to do the same here.

For those building a portfolio up, I think you can add anywhere under 65.0, or this is one you can sign up with computershares and add monthly with a DRIP.


Love this chart, love the breakout.  More aggressive trade here, and with the market where it is, this is more of a day-trade.  However a retest of the 64.50 level would be an area to look for a swing trade with a target of 75.0.

We will post if we take this trade.


The key with investing is stepping in over periods of time.  You are not going to get the best prices all the time.  The most expensive and often painful parts are the market, are the first rally and the last.




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