We Gave Them a Chance – Position Trade Adjustments


We are taking some profits off the table here as we have given Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum more than enough time to push higher.  We simply gave them all a chance, but they are starting to show some signs of stalling here, and I am going to trim off some of these positions to free up capital and look to buy on a pullback.  We still have positions in other coins, and they are smaller cap coins that if a move happens, should outperform.  We are making the following adjustments, which will be updated on our position trade sheet in the premium members room.  Just so you know, I am finishing up the Stock portfolios, as we look to make improvements to our site and delivery of information.

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It is not about selling the perfect top, or entering the perfect bottom, it is about small base hits, which over a period of time can have a compounding effort. Even if Ethereum does push to 150.0 we likely get another opportunity at these levels to add. Same with Bitcoin, and we have a nice position in Bitcoin, so no harm in taking a little off.  If the market does rally we still have a descent position in Litecoin which has been much more bullish than the others, and it would be logical it would outperform.

In the end we are slowly reducing our average cost, and that is the end game. Stick with the strategy.

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