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2 Responses
  1. Dennis Flowers

    LTC lead the market during the last move and appears to be fighting toward the upside again. Does this have any worth as a leading indicator? What level would LTC need to push through to consider it bullish?

    Any thoughts on the complete lack of a any kind of dump after the Constantinople fork?

    Ripple was added to Coinbase. NYT article on Facebook coin. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the implications.

    1. Andrew Gonci

      Hi Dennis, the 48.0 level is an important one to verify this has legs, but it needs to close above and continue, but yes it could be an indicator the market is setting up for a rally as it led the last time. Only time will tell.

      I will have to look into the constantinople fork and as far as XRP goes it is good for the platform. I was kinda shocked it beat XLM to coinbase, but it allows institutional investors to access it now. I think moving forward since Coinbase is looking more into custodial holdings a business or entity can hold their coins or tokens there for security and use them as required. Very big for XRP in my opinion.

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