SC Weekly – FOMC & ECB Meetings on Deck



The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into potential upcoming trades and portfolio management across several markets.


The crypto space is starting to find some love from market participants once again.  Though it is only an initial rally it is a welcome sign for long term investors and traders.  I mention traders because the more attention it receives the more liquidity is pushed into the market, creating a better trade envivornment.


Stocks have continued to rally, but Friday we started to see some signs of weakness.  From the S&P it may not appear as it is weakening, but there are a couple observations that we may be near a top.


The dollar has been strong, but there are some signs that we may have seen a top.  Until we have validation of a top we remain cautiously bullish in the shorter term.  The US Dollar is in an area where the probabilities of a reversal increase.

News Events:  Double Header Fed

This week we have both the FOMC and ECB meetings (Wednesday and Friday respectively) which may result in some market reactions, so weigh your risks whether you want to take a chance and be involved  in a potential Whip Saw market.

This is where active day and swing traders with too much risk can lose previous gains.  If you have profits you may want to lock them in before going into both meetings, or think twice about opening a new position.

It really can go either way or be a big fat nothing burger, just be aware markets may react and position accordingly.


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