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If there was a commercial for cryptos it would be called “boring in a can”.  It is like someone let the air out of the space and people are just slowly fading away.  In the broader perspective this is a good sign, in the shorter term, not so much and it gets simply frustrating.  Though times like these can be discouraging for long term investors here is where opportunity lies.  However you must be in the right frame of mind.

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  1. JW911T

    Here’s my thinking – there is negative sentiment all round, no immediate development afaik that can turn around crypto fortunes, so BTC is more likely than not to go down. This means Alts will go down as well. So best to wait some more before a buy. I am a buyer for NEO at around 5/5.5, LTC at around 20-25, IOTA around 20 or less and BTC at 3K or below. I am tempted to throw a small amount of money at XLM right now in order to build more inventory. XRP and XLM are vying for a trillion dollar payments market covering xborder payments. This is a coin with real users and use cases and I thought it was ‘cheap’ at 19cents 🙂 (see You agree?

    1. Andrew Gonci

      We surely can move lower which is why we have to be cautious to add here. Remember it was only a few weeks ago where people thought they were missing out, and this leads to a quick exodus and we could retest the lows, however I am terrible at timing a bottom, and often it never comes when I think we can move lower, which is why I take the guessing out and just place limit orders at lower prices where I am happy to own the equity if it fills.

      But yes we can surely move lower and I like XRP and XLM here, I own XLM.

      Thank you for the comment.

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