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This is an update to our current CGC trade and our aggressive options strategy.

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  1. JW911T

    What would you recommend me do…I own 50 @31.1 (avg)? Hold or sell part around 40? My initial view is just to hold and just add on future pull back. I am not able at this point to use options. Thanks. Nice to see the chatroom test btw!

    1. Andrew Gonci

      Hey JW, If I was looking to acquire more stock I would hold. I like CGC and it is not one of those that I want to sell. Get’s up towards $60 again than I would take some off the table.

  2. JW911T

    My thoughts exactly. Thanks. Great summary article on the other thread btw.

    What would be nice is to have some overview on where we’re going with the Cannabis portfolio. What are the next possible moves. As I outlined earlier, there is a ton of very interesting info on New Cannabis Ventures. I am reading through it and try to build a view on what is happening in this market;

    1. Andrew Gonci

      I agree and remember as regulations are lifted, competition will start to compress margins and many of these companies will be squeezed out. CGC Tilray and Aurora are probably in the best position to survive so our goal is to slowly acquire shares and in the end remove our capital or greatly reduce our exposure. There are going to be a lot of offerings hitting the market, but like anything else few will survive. Oregon is a perfect example where deregulation led to price competition and low prices to consumers. This squeezes margins and only the best run companies will emerge as brands.

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