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5 Responses
  1. James Cutts

    Thanks for this – is there any chance you can provide prices for both BitFinex and Coinbase for each trade idea? Perhaps formatted like:

    Buy Stop 3855CB (XXXXBF)
    Stop Loss (SL): 3595CB (XXXXBF)
    Target (T1): 4190CB (XXXXBF)
    Target 2 (T2): 4355CB (XXXXBF)

  2. Fons Goudsmit

    Maybe you could look up prices on Coinbase and act on your own exchange?Probably no real guarantee for exactly the same results but it seems to me that it’s a little difficult for S.C. to analyse trades for customers on different exchanges

    For instance: I have Kraken as exchange.

  3. James Cutts

    The reason I ask is that when I started this paid subscription they used Bitfinex, which is the exchange I use.

    Trying to do the calculation myself seems to undermine the value this service provides me, since simply adding the current price discrepancy between CB and BF, which varies between about $100 and $160 on any given day, is not an accurate way to calculate these price triggers.

  4. 2Short

    Hi James,

    I’ve noticed a trend for pro traders to move important assets from Bitfinex to other exchanges since a while ago. I think it’s because Bitfinex relies on tether or something like that, which was pretty controversial to use as collateral. I personally got burned on Binance when Tether USD went down and I had friends reporting the same on Bitfinex. We all moved to Kraken or Bitstamp, which present very close BTCUSD rates to Coinbase. I’m not saying Bitfinex is bad, but you might find other exchanges that are more suitable if you look into it.


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