I’m not sure the numbers really matter here.  Regardless if it is 150k or 250k the market will move the way it is going to, and trying to predict the direction is fruitless.  However there are some under valued stocks that we are looking at for trades.

The entire crypto space is getting hammered, and there is no relief in sight.  Our order at 3550 was filled, and at this point we are stepping back.  Though Marc and I do not always agree, this is getting to the point where it is simply let the market run it’s course here.

Recent Stock Volatility:

“Index and quant funds make up about 2/3 of assets under management globally and the majority of the daily trading”.  This is according to Marko Koanovic global head of JP Morgna’s macro quantitative and derivatives research. 

Though many see this as an issue, for stock pickers maybe not so much.  The selloff yesterday following Tuesday’ we noticed a couple stocks we follow were showing some strength.  Video game stocks were one with ATVI TTWO and EA sports not moving much lower throughout the day. 

We also saw strength in NBEV as well.  This implies to us that active managed funds are picking off good stocks during the mayhem. 

Regardless only one of our options trades filled yesterday and that was Qualcomm.  Neither NBEV or ATVI filled though both came close.  There was a suggestion to have our current trades on a separate sheet which is easier to read.  We updated our spreadsheets and the new “Current Trade” sheet is located under the members menu.

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  1. Satertrading

    Can you clarify what you mean by “there is the likelihood we see some fruition”? I’ve heard the phrase “come to fruition”, meaning to be successful (as in plans succeeding). Thanks!

  2. Satertrading

    Two FYIs – 1) I think the wrong chart is posted for BCHSV, 2) the full article is readable without logging on, but once logged on, all but the first six paragraphs disappear…something odd with the page, it seems…

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