ADA Cardano is a coin that was listed as a candidate for Coinbase.  Unfortunately the price continues to move lower and is in a position where it becomes a Long Shot.  Speculative coins are those we just throw a couple bucks at and see if it pans out.  This is one of those coins here, and at these prices it becomes attractive to do so; or is it?

Cardano is a competitor to Ethereum for dApp and smart contracts.  I am not a code writer or do I claim to be, however, there are numerous coins going after the decentralized smart contract space.  They all claim to be Ethereum killers.  But is centralization the true Ethereum killer?

Decentralization vs Centralization:

Lumens and Ripple are starting to prove that decentralization may not matter except to libertarians.  We keep hearing about EOS and ADA overtaking Ethereum, yet all three look like they are scrambling to survive.  Both Lumens and Ripple have organization, and furthermore backing from main street companies like IBM, Deloitte, JP Morgan and RBS.

Backing from mainstream companies like IBM and the likes, provides a sense of security that after spending millions to develop a dApp for blockchain, the Ver’s and Wrights of the world will not result in a waste of money.  Yes the Bitcoin Cash debacle has probably put a lot of distaste in the mouths of main-street and corporate investors. 

I’m not sold on Cardano or EOS and after the Bitcoin Cash war even more-so.  Because of these types of uncertainties I am not sure main stream businesses will be either.  But in the end it is not what I believe, it is what the market adopts. 

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