The Good – The Bad – The Ugly – Picking Out The Bad Apples!


As we are starting to see improved structure among the alt coins we want to continue to adjust our portfolio, positioning for an anticipated bull run.  Like larger fund managers we want to re-position our portfolio moving forward.  What was hot last year is not always hot the next.

Every investor has two choices when allocating capital, invest in what I like or invest in what the market likes.  I always invest in what the market likes.  Not just based on price action but on real world applications as well.  In this article we will follow the money, and the clues that are providing evidence for where the money is flowing.  This is where I am rotating my money, or at least adding risk.

This does not imply we just dump our holdings and jump into the flavor of the week.  We will do this over time, but there is no doubt we are looking to position in strong coins, not the weak ones.  Coins BIG MONEY is looking to add not Fred my next door neighbor who knows everything.  Just ask him he will tell you.  Unless a coin has come up with a cure for cancer we are not basing it on what we like, but what has potential because of what the market likes.

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As the market continues to show it may be bottoming, I will start to implement capital looking for some position trades.  Again I want to reduce future risk by removing my capital and allowing it to work for me in building positions, not hoping the market continues to infinity and beyond.

Those are just not realistic expectations, and to think this would be insane.  We need to look no further than last year where we locked in some profits and went down to our core portfolio ready to wait out a storm.  Is the storm over?  Nobody knows, but until we get further evidence we remain cautious.

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