After 12 days of jerking around Bitcoin is like that date in college where one moment your date is on the next its off.  A complete and utter jerk!  One moment we have a long trigger, the next a short.  One moment it looks to break out, than falls apart only to recover the next day.  It is simply a jerky market and the market is being a jerk!

 It is not just Bitcoin, several coins we have been watching are playing the part of a bad date as well.  Just when we were looking to add, small little red flags pop up and we take the conservative approach.  Like not buying those $300 concert tickets before you have confirmation your date is going.

Why have we been hesitant to add?  Let’s take a look at the likes of XRP OMG NEO or ETH, which look like a date with Frankenstein and also a look at some potential coins like BCH XMR ZEC and XLM are showing some positive signs. 

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