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As the market is finding direction we are receiving a mixture of signals.  However the general sentiment is bearish in the short term.  Two coins have held up better than others and we are looking to our portfolio in the event a further selloff happens.  

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    1. Andrew Gonci

      Hi Roger, this is a premium article for our premium members concerning portfolio management
      You are welcome to sign up to try the service to see if it would be of value to you.
      We appreciate you signing up.
      Cheers! Andrew

  1. Jacobus van der Westhuizen

    Hi Andrew. Currently i have no inventory and would like to buy in. Also i am pretty new to cryptos. Could you elaborate a bit on the levels indicated for buy and stop buy and what posrtions do you recommend? (1 portion i.e. $1300?)

  2. Andrew Gonci

    Hi Jacobus,

    Yes we will post when we add to our longer term positions. Thank you for letting me know you are new, I will insure we get an article out for those looking to just enter the space.

    Thank you for subscribing!


    1. Jacobus van der Westhuizen

      Thanks Andrew. So i should not buy anything at the levels you indicated in this article?

      I understand the technique for swing trading, but longer term investments is very new to me and i would like to enter this market. How to manage a portfolio is one of the topics i would like to get a lot of information.



      1. Andrew Gonci

        No problem, there is nothing wrong with adding a small position at those levels, however, if you are just getting into the space, I would be looking at stronger coins.

        There is a reason we choose these coins, and that is because if the market moves against us, we do not mind losing them.

        Managing a portfolio is difficult as if you “short inventory” if it goes against you, chasing leads to under performing. Have an article in editing now that explains it in more depth.

        Thanks again

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