Bitcoin update: Even though we remain long term bullish, short term price structure continues to hint toward lower prices. We do not fight it, we simply take defensive measures in order to keep our risk minimized. Having a small inventory to begin with is what helps to weather such unfavorable conditions.

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  1. Kcollins5311

    Hi Marc,
    I have been following you and your team and value your insight and approach. However, I must admit that at times I would value a little more guidance, or recommendations, on what to do with accumulated inventory as prices climb. As an example, you mention above “The recent rally to 7400 allowed us to reduce our average cost significantly by selling some inventory into those highs.” Well, I have some modest inventory (7 coins) but I don’t recall any suggestions to minimize inventory when we were climbing. As a result I find myself holding and never reducing inventory in a more defensive manner (i.e. to protect some capital with the opportunity to re-invest at further lows). So, not a criticism but more of a suggestion to consider more obvious recommendations to help some of us beginners reduce inventory as prices climb. In fairness, I recall more subtle suggestions that “low to mid 7,000’s” might be an opportunity to take some profit…but if you and the team are reducing inventory, I would also like to know that so I can incorporate that into my plan. Thanks for all you guys do!

    1. Marc Principato

      Hi Kevin, and thank you for your sharing your thoughts and suggestions. To be fair to our Premium Members, we will not provide specific guidance in articles that are available for free. When we make adjustments to our portfolio, all of that information is transparent and straight forward for those who have access to that information. We make every effort to provide general suggestions and perspective for a basis of better judgement, whether the article is free or not. If you go back to our articles where the market is at a high we always suggest locking in some profits. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and feedback.

    2. Andrew Gonci

      Hi Kevin, we will post as we make modifications to our portfolio and appreciate you being a premium and expert member. What Marc is alluding to is we will do this in a premium article.

      This was a general statement for those who are not subscribers to lock in profits if they had a position or swing trade from lower levels. As you know we had already locked in our profits from both the swing and position trade between 6700 & 6800.


  2. Amoreyda

    Hi Marc, is it likely a rise to 6500 before the test at 6K? I would like to lock in some profits (my medium price is 6200) then wait the best moment to re-enter (if the market allows us to do it). Thank you very much.

  3. 2Short

    I have an Expert Swing Trades subscription, but I’m not sure if this was the right choice or if I should consider the Premium membership. Basically I want to know when to buy and when to sell. That simple. 🙂

    1. Andrew Gonci

      It all depends if you are swing trading or looking to inventory manage with some position trading.
      Expert Swing trades is strictly trades
      Premium is a mixture of position trades and portfolio / inventory management

      Hope this helps.

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