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Cryptocurrency Trading

Our experienced traders provide their insight and ideas in trading cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Investing

Providing insight-driven ideas for building a crypto currency portfolio from fundamental research

Stock and options trading

Experience Matters. From simple to complex strategies we provide trade ideas from the beginner to seasoned traders looking for additional insight

Stock Investing

Where fundamentals and technicals converge with ideas in actively managing both growth and value portfolios.

Gold & Silver

From mining companies to physical metals, get personal insight in building wealth in metals.

Forex Trade Ideas

Ideas from experienced traders with skin in the game.

Trade Ideas

One size does not fit all.  Different types of traders require different types of strategies and our team of experienced traders understand this distinguishing their trade ideas.  From the aggressive day and swing trader, to the more passive position trader our ideas are separated by trader type.



Portfolio Ideas

Whether you are a investor seeking growth or value, portfolio management and allocation is key.  Fundamentals are the backbone of any investing portfolio.  The intent is not to follow the herd but find the needles in the haystacks that pay off in the longer term.  

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@MarcPMarkets You guidance has been very important to me as I learn to trade nights over the last 3 months. Thank you and please keep contributing.


@MarcPMarkets I always used to act like a FOMO member… Your analysis and methods of explanation are like “yoga” of the trading world…I stopped acting on impulse. Thanks a lot for your time and efforts.


Hi @MarcPMarkets, thank you so much for your articles, they offer the opportunity to healthy reflect on the nature of the ongoing market swings.


Thank you again GOLDBUG1 for your solid, grounded perspective. So very much appreciated in this unstable environment.


Keep on writing @MarcPMarkets . I am reading your analysis first thing every day. Thanks


Thanks @MarcPMarkets – your wisdom and perspective is what I come for every day when I look for your new posts. Keep up the great work and the consistency, thank you very much!