Power House Combo

Seeking Cryptos and Quant Geeks have joined forces to offer a diversified and actionable perspective across multiple markets and time frames. The Quant Geeks Trade Bots send buy / sell signals by email to help you capitalize on the day to day movements in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. The perfect strategic compliment for traders and investors of any experience level.

Who Are The Quant Geeks?

Quant Geeks is a trusted technology partner in the automated trading service space. They are a team of highly skilled programmers who are also experts in everything Blockchain. Merging their quantitative intelligence with our decades of trading experience provides a distinct competitive advantage in the digital era of trading and investing.

Can You Beat The Bots?

Modern financial markets are dominated by algorithmic strategies or professional trading “bots”, especially the cryptocurrencies.  Day traders are often at a disadvantage due to automation. Our partnership with Quant Geeks bridges the technology gap and makes it possible to compete with the professional algos. Perfect tools to compliment your own trade ideas or to enhance performance.

Day Trade Bots

The package includes all of QG’s bot signals BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH.  Bots are based on various proprietary algorithms that capitalizes on market momentum.   To view performance visit quantgeeks.io

Seeking Cryptos Quant Geeks Special

  • Buy / Sell Day Trade Signals By Email
  • Access To Quant Geeks Premium Resources
  • All bots included
  • Backtested strategies
To purchase, register for the free membership. This special offer will be available on the subscriptions page of your personal dashboard.

Disclaimer:  Performance is hypothetical and market conditions including, fees and slippage can adversely affect actual performance.  We highly recommend day trading experience for best results.   See terms of service and disclaimer below for full disclosure.