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What You Will Learn

Foreign exchange trading has its own unique qualities that are important to be familiar with before risking real money in any trades. We developed this guide to help new comers get a realistic handle on the basics in order to better determine if forex trading is right for their personality and risk profile.

Although this is a beginner guide, it is filled to the brim with subtleties that take years to learn by trial and error. The subject matter maintains a focus on the nuts and bolts of forex trading, NOT strategy or money management.

Nuts and bolts means the little details that you may not know like:

    • How Leverage Works.
    • The Built In Conflict Of Interest.
    • The Most Important Economic Reports.

We also touch on the philosophy that we employ for our Expert Swing Trades service. Which provides a clear idea of what kind of trades to expect, and how they are placed.

Overall, this forex guide is unique because it is coming from the experience of a professional market timer. It not your basic “here’s what a pip is” type of guide. It gets into the gritty reality of forex, not the nonsense glamour that marketers always try to bake into their “Forex 101” guides.

As we collect feedback, we will be developing the subject matter further, so please feel free to let us know what you would like, and what was not so helpful.

The objective here is to provide you with a realistic expectation and working knowledge of foreign exchange trading. It is a leveraged instrument and is purposely engineered to facilitate a losing experience. It does not have to be this way, but success requires a deep understanding of how this market works coupled with the application of best practices. Welcome to SC Forex, enjoy.


Marc Principato, CMT

CoFounder Seeking Cryptos

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