Markets at a Glance

Overview: Bitcoin is now flirting with the 10,800 level, which is a traditional support and resistance area.  The price action...
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Bitcoin S&P & Gold Push New Highs – Now Everyone’s a Bull

Overview: It only seems like a few months ago the oracles of crypto were calling for a retest of the...
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SC Weekly –  When Bad News is Good  

Overview: The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into potential upcoming trades and portfolio management across several...
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Market Overly Frothy – Unexpected Turn After FED Report

Overview: The Fed may have hit the brakes on the stock market, as gold and treasuries rally, and the Dollar...
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Talking Markets – Market Review

  Overview: This is an overview for our Talking Markets Show tomorrow where we discuss the overall markets as well...
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Gold – Eyes on $1300

Overview: As political uncertainty continues to spread like bears in the crypto market, Gold is becoming the beneficiary of the...
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Bitcoin vs Gold – Losers Average Losers

Overview: The phrase “Losers Average Losers” was made popular by Paul Tudor Jones, and it is one of the great...
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Gold – It’s Simply The Economy

With all the talk about trade wars, economic slowdown in Europe and China, the flattening of the bond curve, you...
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