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We are keeping this order open though the 24 hour period has expired.  This is a relative time frame, but we still like the price action here.

BTC/USD Swing Trade Idea
Buy Stop 8550
Stop Loss (SL): 7840
Target (T1): 9280
Target 2 (T2): 9680 T3: 10,180
Reward/Risk: 1.63


Bullish reversal formation off of 8130 support area. This candle is establishing a higher low formation which is a sign of strength continuation. NOTE: This is an ALTERNATE trade idea and we are NOT participating in it. The result will not appear on our record whether it is a win or loss. We share these ideas for those who missed earlier opportunities, but want to participate in a trade signal that meets the reward/risk criteria of our particular swing trade strategy. Also make sure to WAIT for the trigger price before entering, DO NOT enter prematurely. This technique specifically helps to reduce price noise and false signals.
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