Why Seeking Cryptos

Seasoned Veterans

Unique perspective and investment ideas across multiple markets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, options and forex.

Experienced Professionals

Professional grade fundamental and technical research by strategists with 20+ years of experience.

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis that includes a fresh and original point of view from a diverse group of experts in their field.

Services We Provide

Trade Signals

Buy/Sell triggers, stops and targets across multiple markets categorized by risk profile.

Portfolio Strategies

Follow our selection and management of cryptocurrencies, stocks and options in our long term growth and value portfolios.

Proprietary Research

Periodic reports providing deep fundamental insight into up and coming digital assets and overlooked opportunities in dividend paying stocks.

Seeking Cryptos is the one stop shop for investors and traders who seek opportunity, perspective and guidance across a variety of  markets.

Marc PrincipatoChartered Market Technician, Co-Founder


Receive insight and strategies for cryptocurrencies, stocks, options and more.


  • Just wanted to tell you I really appreciate your work, sir. You’re excellent at explaining this at a level new traders can understand! I have been following your TA for a while now!

    Again, thank you for taking the time to help coach us. Many of us appreciate your hard work.

  • You are the loveliest person on Tradingview. Thanks for taking the time to educate us.

  • Great post G, like I said in an earlier post, you and @MarcPMarkets compliment each other well and make for great trade setups! I can’t say it enough.

  • @MarcPMarkets, I’m only new to trading / investing (3 months old now). But I’m very grateful to have found you, goldbug and a few others who put effort into their posts that help people who are willing to learn understand the right mindset for trading, which I believe is actually the foundation for long term success (not just for trading, but also in life). As a newbie it seems counter intuitive to go against emotion and stick to the plan, which many times just means waiting and watching. Your posts are great at explaining why waiting should be part of a strategy, especially when your brain is screaming ‘Do something! You are missing out!’ 🙂 Thanks as always.

  • Always a brilliant read. The most balanced approach is rarely the most popular one.